Fox Farm Big Bloom Review

fox farm big bloom

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Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Plant Food is the perfect supplement if you’re growing marijuana. It’s made from natural ingredients and contains all the necessary nutrients that a marijuana plant needs in order to thrive and grow like crazy. 

If you’re looking for an affordable liquid plant food, then Fox Farm Big Bloom is your best choice. More than other brands on the market, it can help your plants grow faster and healthier, and with stronger stems and bigger flowers that have better potency. 

Fox Farm Big Bloom is a premium blend of organic and natural extracts that will give your plants everything they need to flourish. If that sounds good to you, then read on to learn all about it.

What Is Fox Farm Big Bloom?

Big Bloom is a Fox Farm liquid plant food that is made with organic ingredients that are the perfect balance of the right nutrients for healthy growth. Its superior formulation, which is well balanced and complete, is never weak or thin. 

Furthermore, this soil supplement will promote faster growth, as well as exceptional flower and fruit production. It’s made to be used as a complete fertilizer and as organic pest control, but it can also be mixed with other Fox Farm nutrients for supplemental feeding.

Fox Farm has been producing these types of plant foods since 1987, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. You can’t go wrong with Big Bloom as long as you use it as directed.

The Ingredients in Fox Farm Big Bloom

Big Bloom is an excellent feed for organic growing because the ingredients are 100% natural and organic. Moreover, it has been specially formulated for all types of gardens and growing needs. 

It contains high-quality and trusted ingredients like bat guano and earthworm castings. Bat guano has been used for centuries as a fertilizer for all kinds of plants. Combined with earthworm castings, they create a nutrient-rich mix that can help your plants thrive.

As the Fox Farm company says, “All our fertilizers are 100% organic, vegan-friendly, and meet all listed ANSI standards.”

Is Fox Farm Big Bloom Good for Growing Marijuana?

Fox Farm Big Bloom is the best plant food for growing marijuana. In fact, it’s ideal for all flowering and fruiting plants, and it’s safe enough to use every time you water. You’ll enjoy healthy, vigorous plants, and it will dramatically improve the buds’ fragrance and flavor. 

Big Bloom intensifies the flowers’ aroma by increasing essential oil production. And when a plant is struggling, a root drench of Big Bloom will help to perk things up. 

How Do You Use Fox Farm Big Bloom?

Fox Farm Big Bloom is great for feeding plants in flower because it contains phosphorus, which is essential for the development of flowers. You can use it to “wake up” the plant and bring out its true potential when it’s almost time to harvest. However, Big Bloom is blended so precisely that you can use it throughout all stages of growth without fear of overfeeding.

When Fox Farm Big Bloom is used properly, it will never burn your plants or have a negative impact on the environment. Even if Big Bloom is used to supplement Fox Farms Soil or Fox Farms liquid nutrients, it won’t harm your plants.

Fox Farm Big Bloom is available in 5 gallons, 15 gallons, and 30 gallons. For general feeding, it can be used every other time you water your plants. Simply mix 4 tablespoons of Big Bloom with every gallon of water. 

For heavy feeding, use 1/2 cup of Big Bloom per gallon of water every 7 to 14 days. And for foliar feeding, you can mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Use a pump sprayer to apply it to both sides of the leaves. Early mornings are best because this product isn’t suitable for direct sunlight.

Fox Farm Feeding Charts

If you want to combine other Fox Farm products with Big Bloom for your marijuana garden, you should follow their recommended feeding schedule. You’ll find the feeding charts for soil and hydroponics below.

Using Big Bloom more than three times a week isn’t recommended if you see signs of nutrient deficiency or toxicity.

Also, note that when Fox Farm Soil or Fox Farm Big Bloom has been added to an existing garden, you’ll need to flush the plants with clean water every week until the pH of your runoff water reaches 6.0–6.5.

It’s also recommended to start with Fox Farm Big Bloom before moving onto Fox Farm Grow Big because Big Bloom has the extra nutrients needed for flowering weed plants.

Fox Farm Big Bloom vs Tiger Bloom

Tiger Bloom is also a liquid plant food manufactured by Fox Farms. Both Fox Farm Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom are great products that will help your marijuana plants flourish, but they each have their own unique set of benefits.

Like Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom is designed to encourage abundant fruit, flower, and multiple bud development. It’s best to use it at the first signs of flowering through harvest. However, it isn’t made from all-natural ingredients and can potentially harm your marijuana plants if you overfeed them or if you use the product incorrectly.

The choice basically comes down to what you are looking for in a fertilizing product. If you want something natural that won’t be harmful to your marijuana plants, Fox Farm Big Bloom would be the right choice for you. However, if you are willing to take some risks or if Big Bloom doesn’t meet your needs for some reason, then Tiger Bloom might be a better option.

Where Can You Buy Fox Farm Big Bloom?

Fox Farm’s Big Bloom can be found at your local garden store or nursery. Or, you can also purchase Fox Farm products at Walmart, Lowes, or Home Depot. You can also find Fox Farm Big Bloom on Amazon and many other online stores.


Marijuana growers are constantly seeking the latest and greatest products that will help them to take their hobby or passion to the next level. This Fox Farm Big Bloom review can help guide you through your purchase and ease your mind about making a solid buying decision. 

Fox Farm Big Bloom is an excellent choice for growing cannabis. As a liquid plant food that’s a blend of organic and natural ingredients, it will help your plants to grow faster, healthier, and bigger than ever before. In addition, Fox Farm Big Bloom is perfect for flower and fruit production.

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