A Review of the Best Marijuana Growing Books

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Many people assume that growing cannabis is easy, especially considering how much information is available on the internet. However, growing cannabis at home can be tricky. There are hundreds of strains to choose from, and once you’ve made your selection, you still have make a myriad of decisions, such as whether to grow indoors or outdoors, the type of growing medium to use, and what equipment and supplies to buy. 

You can learn about growing by reading cannabis blogs on the internet or the old-fashioned way by reading a paperback book. In this article, we have reviewed some of the best paperbacks on the market by world-renowned authors and picked out the best marijuana grow books that should not be missing from your collection. 

You may find that one of these volumes will help you grow with greater confidence and produce more satisfying results. With the right books on cannabis cultivation, you can enjoy a better harvest and a faster growing season.

Let’s examine eight of the best books for growing cannabis at home. 

Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered: The Science and Techniques for Huge Indoor Yields by Read Spear

The book Marijuana Cultivation Reconsidered by Read Spear takes a different approach than the usual cannabis cultivation books. Although it is an older book, its 100 pages are still packed with lots of useful information. In addition, the book also contains information on how to save labor, time and money by using the most efficient technology. Besides marijuana cultivation, the guide also deals with hashish production and plant breeding. 

marijuana cultivation reconsidered

DIY Hydroponic Gardens: How To Design and Build an Inexpensive System for Growing Plants in Water by Tyler Baras

Growing cannabis hydroponically is a common practice among many indoor growers. Although this book is extensive, especially for beginners, it is easy to find everything you need. Tyler Baras has considerable experience in growing cannabis and other agricultural products. He has studied horticulture and advanced botany at various universities. Everything you have ever wondered about cannabis and its cultivation can most likely be found somewhere in the pages of this popular book. There are also plenty of pictures of its strains, which are incredibly beautiful to look at.

It also includes detailed profiles of popular strains. Baras, who is known by his fans as Farmer Tyler, explains in detail the steps to building, planting and maintaining various hydroponic systems, all of which are unique and some of which cost more money to produce than others. This book also shares stories and experiences from growers, which is always helpful and makes for an interesting read. 

DIY: Hydroponic Gardens
DIY: Hydroponic Gardens

Design and Build a Room To Grow: Money Can Grow on Trees by Bill Faulconer

This book may not answer your wildest cannabis-growing questions, but it can bring you up to speed with the basics. It is packed with practical information that both beginners and experienced growers will appreciate. The author, Bill Faulconer, has a wealth of experience ranging from his professions as an electrician to a salesman to a cannabis grower and consultant. At the back of the book is a glossary of all the keywords you would expect to encounter in the cannabis industry.

Design and Build a room to Grow
Design and Build a room to Grow

Marijuana Grower’s Handbook by Ed Rosenthal

While this book is best suited for advanced growers, beginners can also enjoy browsing through it. After reading, you may feel confident enough to experiment with your plants. You will learn what makes good genetics in a cannabis plant, how to choose a plant with good genetics. You will also get tons of information about growing your own plants. Unlike many other authors who fall victim to the hype surrounding cannabis cultivation, Ed has a different approach that only sells knowledge and nothing else.

This thick volume manages to convey all the essential information without sacrificing much space to high-quality color photographs. It goes in-depth about the life cycle of plants, creating the ideal environment for successful plants and everything you need to know about medicinal cannabis. Each page is highlighted with a bright illustration, many of which are educational or explanatory. That said, this book may not discuss the indoor/outdoor argument as others do. 

Marijuana Grower's Handbook
Marijuana Grower’s Handbook

True Living Organics: The Ultimate Guide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors by The Rev

The Rev gives invaluable information on making your own organic fertilizers, pesticides and more. The language is easy to understand, the instructions are clear and the detailed information makes the book a serious read. The author assumes that the reader should have at least one cannabis growing experience behind them to understand the details in this book. 

Unlike growing books for beginners, this 300-page book also includes information on growing techniques for experts. But what is even more amazing about this book is its unique approach to cannabis cultivation and self-education. True Living Organics stands out because it is one of the few marijuana cultivation books available today that deals exclusively with organic cannabis cultivation.

True Living Organics
True Living Organics

The Cannabis Grow Bible: The Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medicinal Use by Greg Green

With so many new books on cannabis cultivation being published as home growing becomes more popular, it is important to find the right book for yourself. The book breaks down all the important information a grower needs to structure an efficient and cost-effective grow that produces high-quality marijuana. The pages would be fewer if there weren’t so many ads, but that’s an indication of its popularity. Growers who already have a solid understanding of cannabis basics and cultivation fundamentals may be ready for this book. 

What makes The Cannabis Grow Bible even more attractive is the additional 200 pages of new information on lighting techniques and equipment, advanced cannabinoid extraction methods and more detailed growing guidelines for experienced growers and novices. It also provides a step-by-step guide to planning, implementing and owning a grow room, including topics on the ideal grow lights, tips on building grow rooms and how to plan your grow room accordingly. The book is ideal for any beginner looking to start growing cannabis, and offers valuable tips for experienced growers looking to save time and money.

The Cannabis Grow Bible
The Cannabis Grow Bible

The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis by Steve Elliott

This compact guide to cannabis looks at the culture and history of smoking pot, from Herodotus to the hippies and beyond. It also covers the basics of using, growing and cooking with weed, identifying strains of weed and understanding legal and health issues related to marijuana. The Little Black Book on Marijuana is handy and to the point. It contains all the important information about marijuana, from possible side effects and risks to medical uses and their effectiveness. It also includes marijuana recipes and a 14-page section with color photos of marijuana strains and varieties.

The Little Black Book of Marijauna
The Little Black Book of Marijauna

Marijuana Horticulture: The Indoor/Outdoor Medical Grower’s Bible by Jorge Cervantes

With his books, articles, photos and Youtube videos, Cervantes puts more than 30 years of expert knowledge and practical experience in cannabis cultivation at your disposal. All 16 chapters of Marijuana Horticulture are step-by-step instructions contained in 512 pages with over 100 tables and 120 pictures for all cannabis growers. More than 15 years of development have been dedicated solely to home consumption, medical patients and industrial growers to achieve the best possible results in every category known to industry experts. Chapters on growing rooms and work areas, air circulation and CO2 levels, time cycles, lights and electricity, soil and containers, perpetual rotation and yield ratio, harvesting and equipment are explained in detail to enable professional cultivation that produces medical quality marijuana.

Marijuana Horticulture the indoor/outdoor medical grower's bible
Marijuana Horticulture

Growing Cannabis at Home Can Be Easy With the Right Book

Any of the books mentioned above can help you master the art of growing marijuana at home. The best one for you will depend on your preferences and specific situation. Still, it is also an excellent idea to expand your knowledge beyond your comfort zone. If you are open to that, you are sure to benefit from all of these books, for your present or future growing journeys. 

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